Tools That Help Your Research

Your cell culture research has a broad range of uses. Whether you're researching, producing, or providing healthcare, you'll need trusted tools along the way to help at different stages.Explore our solutions that can support your research workflow tasks.​



    Thawing or Harvesting

    • Harvesting
    • During harvesting, quality assurance and volume flexibility are key during transfer. The MACROMAN® motorized pipette controller, coupled with a large range of serological pipettes, give you the accuracy, speed controls, and confidence you need for your research.
    • The serological pipettes are available sterile and individually wrapped. With convenient packaging, they can be opened by peel off or pop through, while maintaining sterility.
      • Thawing
    • When thawing cells, we understand that time is of the essence.  ​A digital dry bath is a great alternative to the conventional water-based method. Using the dry bath, you can thaw cells quickly and eliminate the possibility of water-borne contamination.
    • The Gilson Dry Bath Series accommodates a wide variety of high-grade aluminium blocks engineered to the shape of 0.5, 1.5, 2.0, 15, and 50 mL tubes, providing uniform temperature delivery to all your samples and improving reliability across reactions.​

    Seeding & Growth

    • During seeding and growth, the main risk of cell contamination is top of mind. To reduce this risk, MACROMAN® has a unique adjustable side stand that keeps the pipette off of the surface where contaminates could live.
    • For media maintenance, the Safe Aspiration Station will help you safely eliminating old culture media. With variable aspiration levels and set of adapters provided with the Safe Aspiration Kit, any risk of contamination is prevented, and aspiration is more reliable.


    • Contamination and damage are the main risks for the cell lines. We recommend MACROMAN® for the addition of buffers and dissociation reagents. For gently mixing the solutions, this pipette controller is also great option as it will not damage the cells. You can set MACROMAN’s aspirating and dispensing speeds using pressure-sensitive triggers or by using the thumbwheel while pipetting or mixing.


    • Deliver reagents with confidence, precision, and accuracy that your critical treatment steps require.
    • PIPETMAN L is fully autoclavable and can be used with Gilson PIPETMAN DIAMOND sterile tips to avoid any cross-contamination. When working with cold solutions, these pipette tips can be refrigerated before use to optimize the temperature.
    • Available in several models, PIPETMAN L has the ideal weight, handle shape, and tip ejection to maximize comfort while your pipetting. We recommend multichannel pipettes for multiwell plates rather than serological pipettes to gain faster, better, and more accurate results.

    Study & Analysis

    • Study and analysis are some of the most important steps in the preparation of the samples. For assays and large-scale liquid handling, PLATEMASTER® is an ideal bridge from manual to automated pipetting by:
    • Eliminating well-to-well variance
    • Providing an easy and intuitive pipetting
    • Accelerating repetitive manual pipetting
    • Facilitating method transfer with Gilson PIPETMAN DIAMOND Tips
    • PLASTEMASTER is also great for cell culture labs because it is small enough to be placed into a hood.



    • PIPETMAN® L x1200 multichannel models are an ideal solution for cell culture protocols that require a working volume from 100 to 1200 μL.
    • Your experiments can be scaled up in less time, helping to protect the cell lines and improving your daily productivity. This pipette adapts to various microplates, including deep well plates, reducing additional steps required when using smaller volume models.
    • PIPETMAN L x1200 models are the perfect tool for sample storage, bringing optimized performance across channels for a uniform sample delivery.
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